How Long Do Bagels Last In The Fridge?

How Long Will My Bagel Last In The Fridge?

Bagels have become increasingly popular over the years and make for a delicious, quick, and easy lunch when you’re on the go or at work. One common question surrounding bagels is, how long will my bagel last in the fridge before it begins to go bad?

In some cases, bagels can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week; however, generally, they will begin to go stale after five or so days. This is generally much longer than storing them at room temperature. 

This article will discuss how long your store-bought or fresh bagel will last in the refrigerator. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about storing your bagel in the fridge and whether or not this is the best option.

Bagels; The Perfect Lunch

Bagels are doughnut-shaped rolls with a crisp, shiny crust and a dense and soft interior. They differ from other forms of bread in that they are boiled and not baked, resulting in a rather unique and favorable form of bread.

They can be eaten at any time of the day and are typically accompanied by a cream cheese spread and even smoked salmon; however, they go equally well with butter and jam.

But, if you were to store your bagels in the refrigerator, a few common questions arise, such as how long would they last before they begin to turn stale? And is storing the bagel in the fridge the best idea?

How Long Will My Bagel Last In The Fridge?

If you arrive home with a selection of fresh bagels, you may opt to store them in the fridge to ensure they stay fresh for numerous days. You can generally avoid bacterial growth and mold for up to one week by keeping your bagels in the refrigerator.

Your bagels will last for over a week in the refrigerator in most cases; however, while this can add additional days when compared to countertop storage, there are various reasons why most people still store their bagels in bread bins and paper bags.

Is The Fridge The Best Place To Store A Bagel?

Most people would assume that storing bagels in the fridge is the best preservation method. However, there is a chance that by doing so, you’ll hasten the time it takes for them to go stale. Thus, by the time you come to eat your bagel, it may already have lost its texture.

While you may slightly extend the life of your bagels by storing them in the fridge..e reduce the chance of mold if bacterial, they may lose their texture and even go stale much faster when stored in the refrigerator.

As with all bread and baked goods, the best place to store them is in an airtight container or even a paper bag in a cool and dry place that doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Keeping your bagels at room temperature is often recommended by various bakers and will ensure the texture stays the best until they are ready to eat.

If you want to ensure your bagels stay as moist for as long as possible, you can add a paper towel to your storage method. This will soak up the excess moisture and reduce the chance of bacterial growth or mold on your bagels.

How Long Will My Bagel Last In The Fridge?

Can You Freeze Bagels?

One of the best ways to store bagels is to freeze them; this is often preferred over the refrigeration method as it ensures they won’t go stale. Bagels can safely be stored in the freezer and will sometimes last up to six months.

If you plan on storing your bagels in the freezer, simply grab an airtight and resealable bag, slice your bagel into two halves and place it into the bag. If you’ve made homemade bagels, allow your bagels to cool before you seal them and put them into the freezer.

The best thing about frozen bagels is you don’t even have to thaw them. Simply remove the halves from the airtight bag and pop them right into the toaster. It may take a few minutes, but when they are done, they almost taste as good as fresh bagels.

How To Revive A Stale Bagel

If you decide to store your bagels in the refrigerator, you may end up with a stale bagel much quicker when compared to room temperature storage. However, so long as there’s no mold on the bagel, you can actually revive it in most cases.

To revive a stale bagel, first, preheat your oven to around 180 degrees F. While the oven is heating up, grab some hot water and gently splash the outer skin of the bagel. Once it is slightly damp, it’s time to place it into the oven.

Allow the bagel to cook in the oven for five or six minutes and remove once it’s slightly golden brown, soft, and fluffy. Once you cut into the bagel, you may not recognize your once stale bagel for this new and improved fresh one.

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Now you know that your bagels will stay fresh and free from mold for up to one week in the refrigerator; however, sometimes, they will turn stale much faster when compared to room-temperature storage.

Thus, we recommend that if your going to eat your bagel within a day or two, storing them inside a plastic or paper bag is the best option to ensure the texture stays soft and fluffy. Alternatively, if you want them to last for numerous weeks, you can freeze them.

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