Can Beer Be Refrigerated Twice? How to Store Beer Properly

Best Ways to Store Beer

When it comes to beer, there are a few ways you can keep it fresh. Using the right storage methods for your favourite brews will help them last longer, and also keep their taste and aroma. Refrigeration is among the best ways to store beer but there is a common myth that refrigerating beer twice will spoil it. Is this true? Read further to learn about Can Beer Be Refrigerated Twice or not?

There is nothing wrong with refrigerating your beer twice as long as there is no contamination between the two refrigeration. However, it is important to note temperature affects beer in various ways, but temperature cycling does not necessarily cause the beer to spoil.

Read on as I discuss this topic and tell you why you need not worry about refrigerating your beer twice.

Can Beer Be Refrigerated Twice?

You can refrigerate beer twice but you must be careful not to contaminate it. Imagine if cold beer would be spoiled by warming and then getting cooled again by refrigeration. Wouldn’t that mean that all beers imported across the Atlantic (and exposed to several temperature changes) would be useless once they reached the U.S.? Fortunately, this is not the case.

Beer can be refrigerated twice and still have its original aromas. The important thing is to avoid any contamination during the process.

I must mention, however, that temperature affects beer. The last thing you want to do is expose it to high temperatures. High temperatures result in chemical reactions that will affect the taste and aroma of your beer.

Is Okay to Let Cold Beer Warm Up?

There is no problem with letting cold beer warm up a bit. In fact, most people prefer to drink their beer at room temperature. There is also a common myth that letting a cold beer warm up at room temperature will skunk it.

Skunking is a chemical reaction that occurs when light interacts with some chemical compounds in hops, which are often used to make some beers.

Skunking actually has nothing to do with a change in temperature. Therefore, letting your cold beer warm is not going to affect the flavour of your beer or skunk it. However, too much exposure to higher temperatures will affect the flavour of your beer as it speeds up oxidation.

cool beer stored in the mini fridge

Does Beer Get Skunked if it is Warmed and Cooled?

Beer is not affected by warming or cooling. I must also mention that skunking only happens when beer stored in green or clear glasses is “lightstruck.” The light will lead to chemical reactions among compounds found in hops leading to a card-board-like, stale flavour.

So again, letting your beer warm and cooling it again will not skunk it. You will only spoil your beer if you expose it to too much heat for extended periods.

Can Beer Be Refrigerated More than Twice?

You can refrigerate your beer more than twice and this is not going to have any significant effect on its flavour. Again, imagine beer imported, say, from Europe to the US by sea.

This beer has very likely gone through several temperature changes – from cold to warm to cold and back to warm again. It still tastes nice when it reaches its final retail destination. You can, therefore, refrigerate your beer more than twice and it will still retain its taste.

Can You Refrigerate Open Beer Twice?

While you can store an opened can or bottle of beer in the fridge, it is not always a good idea. Once you open a beer, you introduce oxygen into the bottle or can. In turn, this causes the beer to oxidize and lose some of its taste and aroma. This is especially true for beers that are higher in alcohol content, such as those with an ABV of 8% or more.

The open beer will likely still be good after a day but you will notice a change in the taste and aroma. The best thing to do is to drink your beer as soon as possible after opening it.

Best Ways to Store Beer

It’s important to store beer in a cool, dry place. If you can keep the temperature between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity below 45 percent, your beer will age well.

You should also avoid direct sunlight as it could cause bottles or cans to oxidize and become unstable over time. Keep your bottles out of heat sources such as sunshine or ovens because they can cause them to break down faster than usual. Again, you want to make sure your beer bottles are stored upright at all times.

Note that storing your beer in the fridge can keep it good for up to 3 years. At room temperature, your beer should be good up to 9 months beyond the listed expiration date. This is, however, assuming that there is no direct sunlight or heat sources close to the beers.

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Final Thoughts

You can refrigerate your beer twice or even more than twice provided that you have stored it properly. Just make sure that your beer is always in an upright position, away from heat sources such as ovens or the sun. You can also re-refrigerate your opened bottle of beer but it is going to be good for about a day or two before it goes stale.

I hope this article has been helpful. In case you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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