Do Blueberries Need To Be Refrigerated?

Should You Put Blueberries In The Fridge


When it comes to storing fruit correctly, it’s always important to know the proper method, so you can make sure that your fruit tastes as good as possible, and stays fresh for the maximum amount of time.

Blueberries can be stored at room temperature if you will be using them up within a couple of days, but if you want them to last for longer than this, it’s best to put them in the fridge. This will help them to last for up to 10 days, depending on how fresh they were when you purchased them. You can also freeze blueberries to increase their shelf life.

Let’s use this article to understand more about how to store blueberries to maximize their freshness and their flavor!

Should You Put Blueberries In The Fridge?

Some people prefer to store blueberries on the counter, because this makes the blueberries taste better. Being stored cold can reduce the sweetness of the berries, making them less enjoyable to eat and sometimes causing them to be bland.

If you’re going to keep them at room temperature, make sure you still put them somewhere cool, out of direct sunlight, and cover them or leave them in their original packaging to keep flies away from them.

However, you should only do this if you have purchased very fresh blueberries and you intend to use them either that day or the following day.

If you are going to keep the blueberries for longer, it is important to put them in the fridge, or they will go off quickly. You may see little flecks of white mold appearing on the surface if you fail to chill them properly.

Should You Wash Blueberries Before Storing Them?

Although you do need to wash fresh blueberries before you eat them, you shouldn’t wash them before storing them. Some people are tempted to rinse the whole container of berries before they put them away so that they are ready to use, but this can make them spoil more quickly.

The extra moisture will invite mold and bacterial growth, and you’ll find that the blueberries quickly turn mushy and start to break down. Instead, just wash the blueberries that you are going to use directly before you use them; this will make the rest last better.

Should You Wash Blueberries Before Storing Them

How Do You Store Blueberries To Make Them Last?

Whether you are keeping them on the counter or in the fridge, you can keep blueberries in their original packaging to store them. However, it’s a good idea to put a piece of paper towel into the container too. This will absorb excess moisture, helping the blueberries to stay dry and keeping them fresh for longer.

You can tip the berries out and place the paper towel under them, or tuck it on top. As you do so, take a few moments to inspect the blueberries, and look for any that have got squashed or started to turn wrinkly.

These will quickly cause the others to spoil. Remove any damaged blueberries and check again every few days, until the blueberries have been used up. You can also replace the paper towel if it has got damp.

If you store them carefully, blueberries can last for up to 10 days in the fridge, provided that they were fresh when you bought them. That’s generally the upper limit, though – so what if you need to store them for longer?

How Long Can You Freeze Blueberries For?

The freezer is the answer to keeping blueberries for longer, and you can store frozen blueberries for around 6 months. Simply wash and thoroughly dry them before putting them into a container and placing them in the freezer.

When you’re ready to use them, put the container in the fridge and allow it to thaw gradually. The blueberries will be wetter and softer than fresh ones, but will still be perfectly good to use.

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Blueberries do need to be refrigerated unless you are going to use them up very soon after buying them. They can be kept on the counter for 1 day or possibly 2 if they are very fresh, but otherwise, make sure you chill them as soon as you bring them home.

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