Do Claussen Pickles Need To Be Refrigerated? 

How Long Do Claussen Pickles Last

For most pickle brands, it is fine to keep them in the pantry. Claussen Pickles are different, though. They are billed as the original refrigerated pickle, and the jar they come in even says that storing them in the fridge is important. But, do Claussen Pickles need to be refrigerated?

Yes. Claussen Pickles do need to be kept refrigerated. In fact, they are one of the only pickle brands that need this. Unlike other brands, Claussen Pickles are not sterilized in the jar. This is to ensure they remain crunchy, but if the jar is stored out of the fridge, bacteria will grow very quickly.

Let’s tell you a little bit more about Claussen Pickles and why it is so important they are kept refrigerated. We’ll even tell you how long they last once you’ve opened the jar!

Do Claussen Pickles Need To Be Refrigerated?

As we said, most pickles are fine to be left out of the fridge. Claussen Pickles is one of the exceptions to this rule. You have to refrigerate them otherwise they will go bad and you’ll get sick if you eat them.

To understand why, it is important to know how pickles are normally made. Obviously, you know that pickles are small cucumbers in a vinegar and spice solution. When most pickles are made, this solution is heated up. As it is heated up (slowly), the bacteria in the solution are killed off. Essentially, the heating sterilizes the pickles. Bacteria will find it tough to grow in that jar.

Claussen Pickles don’t have this, though. In order to keep the crunchy texture that they are famed for, they are just refrigerated. Since they are not sterilized, the bacteria inside the jar aren’t killed off, the refrigeration just leaves it in limbo. As long as the jar is kept refrigerated, the bacteria shouldn’t grow too rapidly.

Remember, Claussen Pickles, have that unique taste and texture due to the way they are made. Sure, it is a bit more effort to refrigerate them, but if they were made in the way that other pickles were made, they wouldn’t taste half as great!

How Long Do Claussen Pickles Last?

There is a little bit of a debate on this.

The general consensus is that you can keep them in the fridge for up to 2 years after purchase. Although, they won’t taste as great after a year or so. This is the max time limit Claussen suggests that you eat them within. After a year, they may get a bit soggy.

However, this is just a guideline. It is a good guideline since we’ve rarely heard of these pickles becoming inedible before the 1-2 years is up, but this is assuming that they have been stored properly. You should always keep an eye on the taste, texture, scent, etc. to know whether you need to throw them out.

Is It Fine To Leave Claussen Pickes On The Countertop

Is It Fine To Leave Claussen Pickes On The Countertop?

It isn’t recommended. If you leave the jar on the countertop, then bacteria are likely to start growing. Once the bacteria starts to grow, it is very tricky to slow down, even with refrigeration.

That being said, pickles are made using vinegar. Vinegar will keep the bacteria at bay for a short while. So, if you accidentally leave the jar out for a day or so, it shouldn’t really be a massive deal. You can just put it back into the fridge as soon as possible. Although, you won’t want to do that too often.

If you have left the jar out for a day, you may want to keep a close on the pickles over the next few days. If they develop an odd aroma or color, then throw them away. It’s not safe to consume them.

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How Do You Know Your Claussen Pickles Have Gone Bad?

Chances are, you probably would have eaten them long before they have gone bad. Still, if you don’t eat pickles that frequently, keep an eye out for these signs:

  1. The pickles start to lose their crunchiness.
  2. The color of the brine solution changes (it may darken or lighten)
  3. White spots, or other colored spots, may appear in the brine solution.
  4. The inside of the jar gives off a strong odor.
  5. The pickles taste a little odd.

If in doubt, throw them away. Trust us, it is far better to buy a new jar of pickles than run the risk of getting sick!


Do Claussen Pickles need to be refrigerated? Yes, they do! They are made in a different way to other brands. This means that they need to constantly be refrigerated. If they are stored in the pantry or on the countertop, bacteria will quickly develop. If you eat Claussen Pickles that haven’t been stored in the fridge, you’ll get sick.

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