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Baked yourself up a delicious batch of cinnamon rolls

 Ever since the Swedes invented the cinnamon roll centuries ago, it has been a go-to sweet treat for many European countries and North America. Who can resist the beautiful aroma of warm cinnamon buns wafting through the air? But, what happens once you have baked them? Do cinnamon rolls need to be refrigerated?

No. Cinnamon rolls do not need to be refrigerated. You can likely extend the life of them by a couple of days if you put them in the fridge, but there is no need to do so. Cinnamon rolls should keep perfectly fine at room temperature, assuming that they are stored in an airtight container. 

On this page, we’ll tell you a little more about how long cinnamon rolls will keep once you have baked them. We’ll also give you a bit of advice on storing them properly. This way, you’ll taste that sweet, spicy, goodness of cinnamon for as long as possible!

Do Cinnamon Rolls Need To Be Refrigerated?

No. Cinnamon rolls, like most baked goods, should be fine left out of the fridge for a while. Although, it isn’t really recommended to leave them out fully exposed to the air. They’ll need to be in a container or a bag.

If you leave cinnamon rolls out of the fridge, and without any sort of protection (i.e. they are not in a bag or a container), then they will dry out incredibly quickly. There is also a strong chance that pests will be attracted to them. Neither is going to be great for the taste of the bun!

We do recommend that you store them in the fridge if you are not consuming them immediately, though. It will give them a bit of extra protection and will increase their lifespan by a couple of days. Although, some people report that there may be a slight change to the texture of the bun. This isn’t going to take away from the beautiful taste of it, though.

How Long Do Cinnamon Rolls Last After Baking?

It is tough to say. A lot will be dependent on how you store the buns and the area where you live. Later on, we’ll give you some information about how to tell whether your buns are past it. For now, you can use the following as a guideline:

  • At room temperature: 2-3 days.
  • In the fridge: up to a week
  • In the freezer: 30-60 days.

If you live in a warmer or more humid climate, buns left at room temperature may only last a day or so.

That being said, the longer you go without eating the cinnamon rolls after baking, the more chance there is of them losing some of their flavor. Eating them three days from now will taste nowhere near the same as a roll fresh from the oven.

Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls

Can You Freeze Cinnamon Rolls?

You can! You can freeze cinnamon rolls for between 30-60 days. Technically, you could freeze them for longer, but we find that they don’t taste as good.

It is important to remember that freezing the rolls will have an impact on the quality of the pastry. So, the texture won’t be anywhere close to what they would have tasted like fresh from the oven. Although, the flavor is going to be close enough.

When you freeze cinnamon rolls, don’t eat them right after pulling them out of the freezer. Instead, let them defrost. Once they have defrosted, heat each bun for around 30 seconds in the microwave. They’ll taste a lot better, and the texture differences will be far less noticeable.

How Do You Store Cinnamon Rolls?

If you are storing your cinnamon rolls, then make sure they are stored in an airtight container or bag. This will slow down the speed that they dry out. This ensures that not only do they last for longer, but they’ll taste a lot better once you’re able to wrap your mouth around one!

If you don’t have an airtight container, make sure that you store them covered, especially if leaving them at room temperature. It’ll provide at least some protection.

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How Do You Know When Your Cinnamon Rolls Have Gone Bad?

You’ll know when your cinnamon rolls are bad when they have dried out. Good buns will be soft to the touch. As they dry out, they’ll get harder. This will happen within 2-3 days of baking them.

If the rolls are really old, then you may notice that they have an odd odor or taste. Although, you’ll rarely be keeping the buns long enough for this to happen. As soon as they go hard, you know they’re well on their way to being inedible, so you will throw them out before mold starts to develop.

Final Thoughts

Do cinnamon rolls need to be refrigerated? No, they do not. It is fine to keep them at room temperature. They’ll last 2-3 days like this. If you won’t be consuming them right away, then store them in an airtight container in your fridge. They’ll last up to a week, but they won’t taste anywhere near as good as freshly baked buns.

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