Do Clementines Need To Be Refrigerated?

How To Store Your Clementines Properly

Bought lots of clementines? Wondering how to best store them? Can you use a fruit bowl, or do clementines need to be refrigerated?

Unpeeled clementines do not need to be refrigerated. They’ll keep longer in the fridge, though. If the clementine is peeled, always eat as quickly as possible. If you aren’t eating the clementine right away, then put it in the fridge. Never keep peeled fruit unrefrigerated. They’ll be a breeding ground for bacteria.

On this page, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about clementines and their storage. We’ll let you know how long they should keep in the fridge (and outside), as well as tell you whether you can freeze them.

Do Clementines Need to Be Refrigerated?

There is no pressing need to refrigerate your clementines. While they last longer when stored in the fridge, there will be no issues keeping them on a countertop for up to a week, assuming they stay unpeeled. Once you peel them, they need to go in the fridge.

Let’s explain.

Unpeeled Fruits

Unpeeled fruits do not have to be refrigerated. The peel will keep the inside of the fruits properly protected when the clementine is left out of the fridge. It shouldn’t rot.

You may want to double-check the peel of the clementine, though. If there are any breaks in the peel, then it is probably best to put them in the fridge. If you spot some visible signs of rotting, then you should throw them away,

If you are not planning to eat them within a week, we suggest you put the fruit in the refrigerator. They last longer, and they’ll taste a whole lot better.

Peeled Fruits

Peeled fruit should never be left out of the refrigerator. Once you have peeled it, the juicy interior of the clementine is exposed, and it’ll become a breeding ground for bacteria. Not to mention that many, many pests will be attracted to it.

If that wasn’t enough, once peeled, if you leave them on the countertop, they’ll dry out quickly. They won’t taste great at all.

So, as soon as you have peeled your clementine, eat it, or put it in the fridge. We’ll give you proper storage instructions a little later on.

How Long Do Clementines Last In The Fridge

How Long Do Clementines Last In The Fridge?

If you store your fruits in the refrigerator, then they should last 2-3 weeks. This is assuming that you store them properly.

Peeled fruit may last for 1 week in the refrigerator. Any longer than that, and the clementine will probably have dried out and it wouldn’t be too pleasant to eat.

How Do You Know If Your Clementine Has Gone Bad?

All the timings that we have given on this page are just guidelines. Don’t assume that a clementine stored on the countertop will be good for a week, nor should you assume that you can eat a clementine stored in the fridge in 2-3 weeks. Before you eat a clementine, always ‘test’ it.

If your fruits are still orange, then you should be fine. Once it starts to lose its color, it means that it has started to rot and should be thrown away.

You can also give the clementine a squeeze. The clementine should have a little sponginess, but not too soft. If the clementine is squishy, it has rotted and should be thrown away.

Can You Freeze Clementines?

Yes! In fact, if you buy them out-of-season, then they were probably frozen for a while before being sold.

If you don’t plan on eating the fruit in the immediate future, then you can freeze them. You can freeze your fruit either peeled or unpeeled. They should be fine to eat for 3-6 months after. Although, remember that the longer you freeze the clementines, the more of the taste they’ll lose. So, while clementines could (in theory) be frozen forever, we wouldn’t recommend eating beyond the 6-month mark, at least if you like the taste of this delicious fruit!

Do bear in mind that the texture of the fruit will change slightly once you have frozen it. It will be mushier. It’ll taste the same, but you probably wouldn’t want to add the pieces to salads or anything like that. It’ll just be a tasty snack or a fruit that is perfect for adding to smoothies, or even for juicing.

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How To Store Your Clementines Properly

While you could just put the clementine ‘as is’ on your countertop, refrigerator, or freezer, we recommend giving them a bit of extra protection. It’ll last a lot longer like that.

Always try to store the fruit in breathable, plastic bags. It keeps them fresher for longer.


Do clementines need to be refrigerated? If they are unpeeled, then no. They’ll keep for longer if refrigerated, but it isn’t necessary. The peel should protect them enough. If your fruits are peeled, then always keep them in the refrigerator. You should aim to consume as quickly as possible, though. The longer you store peeled clementines, the more ‘juiciness’ they’ll lose.

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