Do Cherries Need Refrigeration? Find out more

Do Cherries Need Refrigeration

How long would those cherries survive if you carried them home straight from the farm or bought a lot of them? Do Cherries Need Refrigeration?

It would be lovely to place a nice plate of cherries on a tabletop. But doing so is the worst thing you can do to keep these cherished fruits fresh. Cherries rot fast when left at room temperature.

Therefore, it is advisable to understand how to keep cherries like an expert to keep them for a long time. If you have any cherries that you don’t plan to consume immediately then preserve them in refrigerator.

Tips For Storing Cherries

Fresh cherries may be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week, but they only last a few days when placed on the counter. Rinsing cherries should only be done shortly before eating since moisture will accelerate the rotting process. If frozen correctly, cherries can stay fresh for at least six months.

Cherries Must Be Dry

If you have got a large number of cherries or carried a big bag of them directly from the farm, drying them can be the surest way storage choice. Cherries don’t need to be dried with a lot of effort.

Avoid washing cherries since moisture can accelerate decay. Paper towels are the key to patting them dry if they are moist.

Keep The Stems

Just before using it or eating the fruit, remove them. If you remove them earlier, the body has exposure to air, which might after a few days lead to mold development. If you remove the cherry’s fresh stems, it might cause the fruit to deteriorate more quickly.

Keep Away From Bad Cherries

Make sure to remove any unwanted cherries before keeping the cherries. A batch of cherries with mold on them might get affected and drier, destroying the whole thing. So, always remove the rotten cherries before preparing the cherries for keeping.

Put Them In Jars

It can turn out to be a very wise choice to cut off the cherries’ stems and seeds before preserving them, it will allow you to squeeze more cherries.

The only disadvantage to doing it this way is that if you keep the cherries in sugar syrup, they can end up being way too sweet. However, this technique of storing can be ideal for you if you are into sweet foods.

Refrigerate Them

Cherries are considered safer in cold surroundings. So, freezing cherries is a simple technique to store them and keep them fresh. Cherries can be refrigerated by simply transferring them to a sealed plastic container and storing it in the fridge.

Another option is to use a plastic bag that can be sealed. Cherries may absorb tastes from some of the other meals in the fridge, so keep that in mind. Therefore, be careful to store them apart.

One method is to keep it in a plastic bag, put the bag inside an airtight plastic container, and then put the container in the refrigerator. Your cherries will remain tasty and fresh as a result.

Freeze Them

Do you want to keep cherries for a longer time? If so, freezing them could be your best alternative. The excellent thing is that it’s quite easy to freeze cherries.

The cherries should be put on a baking pan. Ensure that they are lined up in one layer. Cherries typically take an hour or so to freeze and that’s it.

Fresh cherries are preferred for eating; frozen cherries are excellent for smoothies or cooking because they will lose their form after defrosting. Four hours before use, take the frozen cherries out of the freezer to begin the defrosting process.

Storage Life Of Cherries

how to store cherries

Your choice of storage will lengthen the time your cherries last. Fresh cherries can be kept at room temperature for up to two days. They cannot, however, be exposed to direct sunlight.

If kept correctly, cherries can keep for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Cherries that are frozen or dried can be kept for up to one year. It is advisable to utilize them, nevertheless, within 8 to 9 months.

How To Recognize Bad Cherries

So, how do you tell if the cherries are already in bad shape, let’s dive into it!

Soft And Mushy

Depending on the kind, fresh cherries are usually fairly firm; however, if yours are totally mushy, wrinkled, or have big soft areas, they are no longer edible.


The fruit is already past its best if any mold is found. The stem is the first area to inspect since cherries normally rot from the top.

Sour Smell

Your cherries are most likely not safe to consume if they have developed a “funny” scent. Throw them away if you want to be fully secure.


Once you buy cherries, always check your cherries to see if there are any white worms. It’s generally advisable to cut each cherry before you eat it and maybe you discover any—unless you naturally enjoy eating some protein supplements with your cherries.

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Cherries could last all season if you use the right storage methods. Or, if you enjoy eating fresh cherries, put the batch in the refrigerator and eat it all within a week.

As a result, having storage shouldn’t ever prevent you from enjoying cherries because they are delicious in any case!

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