Does Babybel Cheese Need To Be Refrigerated

does babybel cheese need to be refrigerated

Babybels have been popular cheese snacks for decades and are instantly recognizable by their circular shape and red packaging. This French version of Edam cheese is the perfect snack for school, work, or when you’re out and about. One common question surrounding Babybels is, do they need to be refrigerated?

Yes they can be refrigerated. Babybel cheese does not need to be stored in the refrigerator as it’s made with pasteurized milk. However, if you plan to store it at room temperature, the cheese will generally only last a few days to a week before it begins to spoil. If refrigerated, it can last for up to three months.

This article will discuss whether or not Babybels need to be refrigerated. So read on! We have everything you need to know about whether or not Babybels need to be refrigerated, and we’ll include various tips on increasing the longevity of your Babybels.

What Is Babybel Cheese?

Babybel cheese is an iconic brand of small circular cheese snacks that are individually packaged in red wax coverings. The Bel Group of France has sold cheese snacks since 1952; however, it was in 1977 that the company released its mini cheese version.

The cheese found within the red packaging is a semi-firm cheese that is produced with pasteurized milk and each individual snack is covered in the iconic red wax coating.

In modern times there are seven flavors of this iconic snack, including original, original light, white cheddar, bonbel, gouda, cheddar, and sharp. All of these flavors are available throughout the United States and in various countries across Europe and the wider world.

Most people would generally assume that because its primary ingredient is dairy, it should be stored in the refrigerator. However, if you’ve decided to store it on your countertop, you may wonder how long it will last before it goes bad and whether or not it even needs to be stored in the fridge.

Does Babybel Cheese Need To Be Stored In The Fridge?

As Babybel cheese is made from pasteurized milk, it doesn’t need to be stored in the refrigerator, and if stored in the correct conditions, it can last for up to a week and, in special cases, up to two weeks in a cool and dry place. After this, you’ll notice that the cheese has begun to turn bad, and mold may appear.

However, if you want to dramatically increase the longevity of your original Babybel cheese, it should be stored in the refrigerator. If placed in the fridge, your Babybel cheese will last for up to three months so long as you don’t remove it and palace it back into the fridge.

Various other flavors, such as Babybels cheddar and gouda, may only last for up to seven days in the fridge. Storing your Babybel cheese snacks in the refrigerator may help reduce the chance of mold.

However, if you decide to remove the Babybel from its wax coating, you should aim to eat it within a few hours, as it may begin to go off unless placed back in the refrigerator. If you place a Babybel without the protective wax coating back into the fridge, it will still be edible for up to a week.

The Red Wax Covering

The iconic red wax covering surrounding your circular cheese snack is more than just convenient packaging. It actually works to protect your cheese from various bacterial growths and helps to prevent mold.

Thus, it’s recommended that if you are storing your Babybel cheese in either the pantry or the refrigerator, you can ensure that it stays within its wax casing. The red wax covering is the main reason Babybel snacks can be stored just about anywhere.

The Red Wax Covering

Can Babybel Cheese Turn Bad?

Like all cheese, if stored incorrectly your cheese will go off much quicker than anticipated. The Babybel website states that their cheese can be enjoyed without worry until you have surpassed the best-by date.

However, various people have suggested that eating it after this is okay so long as there’s no mold. In cases that run past the best-before date, you should trust your intuition in this scenario.

How To Tell If Your Babybel Has Turned Bad

Various signs tell you if your Babybel cheese has gone off, and the most prominent is whenever you notice any mold on the outside of the wax covering. If this is the case, you should throw the cheese snack away immediately.

Another way to identify Babybel cheese that has gone off is by looking at the curds. If you notice the curbs are rubbery or hard, then this is a good indicator that it has begun to go off. Also, if you notice any white spots on the curb, then this will tell you that the cheese has begun to spoil, and it should be thrown away.

One last identifying factor of rotting cheese is if it has an unpleasant odor. If you notice this on your cheese snacks, then it’s best to throw them into the trash. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to food safety.

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Now you know the next time you purchase Babybel snacks for your home, they don’t necessarily need to be stored in the refrigerator and can survive for a week or two in a cool, dry place such as a pantry.

However, if you want your Babybel cheese snacks to last for up to three months and, in some cases, even longer, then it’s best to store them in the refrigerator. This will ensure that your Babybel snacks will last as long as possible.


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