How Long Do Hemp Seeds Last In The Fridge?

How Long Do Hemp Seeds Last in the Fridge

Hemp seeds are a wonderful ingredient. Not only are they incredibly healthy, but they taste great in all manner of different dishes. They can be tricky to find, though. It is always best to buy them in bulk. But, do you have to worry about eating them quickly? How long do hemp seeds last in the fridge?

Hemp seeds last an incredibly long time in the fridge. In fact, you can store raw hemp seeds for up to 2-4 years in the fridge. This is assuming they are stored properly (i.e. you keep them dry). Hulled hemp seeds (known as hemp hearts) will last between 12-18 months.  

On this page, we want to tell you everything that you need to know about storing hemp seeds in the fridge. This includes information on ensuring that they stay fresh for as long as possible.

How Long Do Hemp Seeds Last in the Fridge?

In theory, hemp seeds can last forever in the fridge. As long as they are kept dry, they shouldn’t really rot. Not in the near future, at least. However, the longer you keep them in the fridge, the less nutritional value they will have. So, we recommend that you don’t store them for too long.

Raw Hemp Seeds

Raw hemp seeds last up to 4 years in the fridge. However, we recommend that you try to eat them within 2 years. The 2 year mark is when they start to lose some of the nutty flavor, and a touch of their nutritional value.

We cannot stress enough that your hemp seeds will only last this long if they are kept dry. If they get any moisture on them, they’ll start to rot. They may only last a couple of weeks like that. So, ensure that you always keep your refrigerated hemp seeds sealed up properly.

Hemp Hearts (Hulled Hemp Seeds)

Hemp hearts won’t last anywhere near as long as standard hemp seeds. At the most, you’ll get around 12-18 months of life from them.

The reason why the lifespan is shorter is because the shell has been removed from the seeds. This means that hemp hearts do not have the same protection that raw seeds will have. So, they’ll rot faster. Although, 18 months is still an incredibly long time to have something sitting in your refrigerator. You’ll probably use them long before they expire.

Raw Hemp Seeds

Will Hemp Seeds Expire?

Yes. They’ll expire eventually, but it will take an incredibly long time for the seeds to get to that point. In fact, they probably won’t start tasting rancid for at least 5-6 years. Hopefully, you won’t be keeping those seeds in your fridge anywhere near that long.

If exposed to moisture, some seeds may go rancid earlier than expected. We’ve seen some people leave an open bag of hemp seeds in their fridge and they’ve become inedible within weeks!

You’ll know that the hemp seeds have gone rancid if you notice the following:

  • The taste changes
  • The color changes
  • There is an off-putting smell when you sniff them.
  • You see visible mold.

If you believe that they have gone rancid, then just throw them away and buy some new seeds. Rancid seeds have no nutritional value and could end up making you sick.

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Guaranteeing Hemp Seed Freshness When Stored in the Fridge

If you are keeping the hemp seeds in the fridge, you’ll need to ensure the following:

  1. They are in a sealed container (it could be a bag or a plastic container).
  2. They don’t get wet.

The goal is to keep your hemp seeds dry. Your fridge itself is pretty wet (there is condensation floating about), and you don’t want that condensation to come into contact with the seeds.

Most hemp seeds will be sold in a re-sealable, airtight bag. Try to keep them in that. Whenever you put the seeds back in the fridge, make sure that the bag is securely sealed.

If they do not have a re-sealable bag, or it is damaged, then grab yourself an airtight plastic container. Keep the hemp seeds in that. Once again, make sure that it is secure when you put it back in the fridge.

If you notice any dampness in the stored hemp seeds, either cook with them or throw them away. They’ll rot otherwise.

Final Thoughts 

How long do hemp seeds last in the fridge? Raw hemp seeds (which is the most common type) will last between 2-4 years in the fridge, but we recommend consuming within 2. If you have purchased hulled hemp seeds (known as hemp hearts), then they’ll last 12-18 months in the fridge. When keeping them in the refrigerator, always make sure that they are kept in an airtight container. You do not want the seeds exposed to any air or moisture. If they are, they won’t last long at all.

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